The Cavanaugh Series

Welcome to the World of Cavanaugh!

The Thirteen Cavanaugh Series Books currently slated for 2014 – 2016 release will take you on a journey like none you have taken before….
Opening with the Cavanaugh Sisters Trilogy:
MYSTIC THUNDER, TOUCH OF LIGHTNING, and TEMPEST’S EMBRACE introduces you to Rayne, Haven, and Destiny Cavanaugh. These three identical mystical sisters live under a love curse begun three thousand years before, and only one thing can break it, if it doesn’t break them first…
JEWEL OF THE NILE takes you to the time of Egyptian Rule when Jewell is forced back into a past life that may take away any chance she has of a future…
SAPPHIRE BLUES makes it impossible for Sapphire to trust her instincts and deny her magical abilities when she must use both to save the town of Mystic Waters from the beast who may also be a man…
DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH proves the sins of those who came before can catch up to the generations to come, and Dia must learn the family secret before she has any chance to right that wrong…
LUNA’S LANDING is hidden so deeply in the depths of Mystic Lake that Luna may have to deal with a devil to take back that which he stole from those she loves…
CELESTIAL LIAISON brings Heaven to Earth, but the results are anything but divine…
SOLELI’S SECRET  may be a secret better left undiscovered…
The Sons of Cavanaugh introduces Three Identical Brothers determined to save the land and the people they love:
ZEUS: Unbound!    Will the darkness he fights consume him as well?
APOLLO: Unleashed!     Can he justify the sacrifice of all others, for the salvation of only one?     
HERACLES: Undone!     What can he do when his greatest secret is one even he can’t acknowledge?
And finally, GAVIN’S GHOST’S brings us full circle, when everything about Mystic Waters that terrified him as a young boy starts happening all over again, twenty years later….

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