The Blood Moon Series

The Blood Moon Series launches in 2015! Stay tuned….

1 BloodMoonRising-LGIn the beginning, before the time of man, there was a great battle between those angels who believed in One True God, and those who did not. At the battle’s end, those who did not believe were damned by the Creator, destined to a life in the pits of despair with the leader of the revolt, the master of vanity, Satan.

But there were those angels who realized their mistake immediately. Filled with regret and repentance, they begged an audience with the Creator, prostrating themselves as they asked His forgiveness, even if they remained damned for all eternity.

The Creator looked upon those who had followed what was once His most beautiful angel into ruin. A God of mercy, as their repentance was sincere, He forgave all. As a God of justice, He knew a price was still required. But instead of damning the repentant, God gave them a sentence of eternal life in service to Him, 2 BloodMoonWaning-LGcleaning up the wreckage he knew Satan would design.

The Golden Throne Room, normally filled with the voices of pureness and light, fell into chaos and wonder as the verdict was trumpeted for all to hear. For those few angels who had repented would be known as The Brethren, sheathed in physical form, commissioned to reproduce, and capable of magic. They were to become an elite army of guardians who would watch over and protect the Creator’s newest creation. Man.

Now, many generations later, Satan’s son has risen to a power so deviant even Satan fears him. Natas, the ultimate spawn of evil, is master-mining the cataclysmic destruction of mankind to prove he is greater than his own father, and of God Himself.

3 BloodMoonFalling-LGWith the battle for all mankind rapidly approaching, The Brethren are desperately seeking the destined mates the Creator designed just for them. These women, once the mating ritual has occurred, enhance The Brethren’s powers, and become the vessels to reproduce the Creator’s future warriors.

But, the prophesied blood moons approach, the mates have all but disappeared, and evil is gaining ground on the earth.

With so much at stake,The Brethren know they must prevail with all haste, as time is rapidly running out for them all.









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